Real Uploader For WordPress is a plugin for uploading records with HTML5. It allows end users or visitors to upload files in your WordPress site. This plugins draws on the Real Uploader.
It is based is without a doubt javascript and supports html5 importing..
Templating can be customize easly In addition icons for file types could be changed to customs ones. When importing images you have the preview regarding images before upload start as a result of html5 file api. Also simply clicking the images you can have a bigger light container like preview.


  • Drag & Drop upload
  • Multi document upload on all browsers
  • Light-box like preview of images
  • Thumbnail generation of images on storage space side
  • Upload progress information on HTML5 browsers
  • Uploader on comment form
  • Advance configuration on admin panel
  • Report panel of uploaded files
  • Preview of images
  • Only Javascript, No flash, no silverlight
  • Supports IE 10+, Firefox 4+, Apple safari 7+, Chrome 4+, Mobile browsers
  • Upload files by chunk, for further performance

Update 26/11/2016

  • Uploaded new version refactored totally
  • Removed backward compatibility for aged browsers

Update 18/10/2012

  • Fix some theme issues
  • Update ajax upload to using FormData

Update 15/09/2012

  • Flash support for no html5 browsers
  • More configurable options

Update 17/05/2012

Easy form whole body, edit file name on transfer, admin user interface of uploaded records and more.

Real Ajax Uploader because Jquery plugin

See also Actual Ajax uploader as jquery wordpress plugin here Real Ajax Upload. You can use it on every web site.

28/04/2012 Version 1.0


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