Geo Digger is WP plugin which offers you to print meaning on any page for guests from a specific country, redirect these to any website/page or print IP/GEO info. For example, you can leave meaning for visitors/customers from UK. Although that’s not all! Your might also print data from visitor’t IP address! Easy to use.


  • Redirect selected visitors to any website/page.
  • Create messages for distinct country/city visitors & include by shortcode to any page.
  • Display IP address through shortcode
  • Display region a flag through shortcode
  • Display flag (standalone) through shortcode
  • Display region address by shortcode
  • Display state/province through shortcode
  • Display city through shortcode
  • You can insert shortcode into any element
  • Using API
  • Bootstrap 3


  • Upload .zip wordpress tool into wordpress OR manually proceed folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate your plugin.
  • Access plugin from left menu, find their way to “API key”.
  • Generate your API key (described in page). Then save appreciate!

A Basic Consumption Sample

  • Include shortcodes towards your pages to show visitor’s IP information.
  • Create message throughout plugin page for targeted visitors (leave blank country code for ALL visitors) and then use shortcode [geodigger-message] scaled-down messages on any page.
  • Create some redirect action (with or without message) for visitors (leave blank country code for all those visitors) and then use shortcode [geodigger-redirect] to redirect user in 3 or more seconds to any location.

Version 1.1 updates

  • Redirect selected visitors to any website/page.

Version 1.only two updates

  • Create messages to get specific city visitors.
  • API v.2
  • Support PHP 7.x
  • Bug fixes

If we get popularity using this plugin, i will purchase premium API key for you – FOR FREE. Kudos for used photo!