Get Motion to your images. Media Hovers is a responsive HTML5 wordpress plugin which plays audio and video on are positioned. It can be applied to any element. Just simply specify thumbnail and audio or perhaps video file and turn it into the hover. Media Hovers also helps lightbox mode where images and videos will be displayed in larger mode. Lightbox might also contain Youtube video lessons, Vimeo videos, or any custom iframe.

Using wordpress admin, upload and install your images with audio and video, and work with shortcode in any page or post to display.

Features and options:

  • Responsive grids with breakpoints
  • Masonry support
  • HTML5 video and stereo support
  • Youtube and Vimeo support
  • Lightbox support
  • Animation effects
  • Lightweight code

keywords: youtube power, vimeo wall, video hover, stereo, facebook, twitter, share, lightbox gallery


1. It is a WordPress plugin. If you would like a jQuery version go here:

2. Due to the fact recent Chrome and Safari autoplay restrictions, it may not be possible to learn on hover until user treats the page before (like some sort of click on using browser scroll ahead of interaction with videos).

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 2.1 [30.4.2019]

 - [ADD] Masonry layout support
 - [UPDATE] other layout improvements for much more flexibility

UPDATE [2.2.2019] (Not compatible with previous version)

  • [ADD] media hovers available with Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • [UPDATE] new layouts and styles

UPDATE 1.46 [16.11.2018]

  • [ADD] option to be able to remove breakpoints and employ manual width to images

UPDATE 1.45 [7.11.2018]

  • [ADD] option to apply link to whole image thumbnail as an alternative to6123 icon
  • [ADD] image hover choice (display another image on hover)
  • [UPDATE] use tooltips option

UPDATE 1.36 [28.10.2018]

  • [UPDATE] auto sort break details from low to high

UPDATE 1.36 [25.10.2018]

  • [UPDATE] update to font awesome

UPDATE 1.35 [17.10.2018]

  • [ADD] auto grid computation (calculate rows, columns and gutters)

UPDATE 1.3 [13.10.2018]

  • [ADD] option to disable are positioned functionality on mobile
  • [ADD] substitute for apply lightbox to whole photo thumbnail instead of just icon

VERSION 1.21 [27.9.2018]

 - [UPDATE] small code improvements

VERSION 1.2 [6.6.2018]

 - [UPDATE] added muted autoplay for videos

VERSION 1.2 [14.4.2018]

 - [ADD] added "image" type will can instruct simple thumb and any information in lightbox
 - [UPDATE] lightbox can now contain Youtube, Vimeo, or any type of custom iframe as well
 - [UPDATE] some mobile playback changes

VERSION 1.1 [9.4.2018]

 - [UPDATE] some code improvements

VERSION 1.06 [5.4.2018]

 - [UPDATE] update buildings to font awesome 5
 - [FIX] some bugfixes in webmaster

VERSION 1.05 [22.2.2018]

 - [FIX] fixed frustrate gallery not saving image alterations

VERSION 1.0 [11.10.2017]

 - first release