Easy to use Post-Page carousel to get wordpress site. Provide full control of carousel items and look-and-feel.

Powered by user friendly shortcode system. You should use up to 23 parameters with shortcode for a very high level of customizations, rendering it extremely configurable. You can use as many illustration of this plugin as you want by shortcode in your site, without any sort of conflict.

You can control all the things like, post type selection, type selection, ordering, sorting, items lenght, pagination, navigation, template etc etc.

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  • Shortcode system
  • Support Any Type of Post
  • Fully responsive
  • One-Click Shortcode Button
  • Touch enabled navigation
  • Very Lightweight, only 26KB
  • Mouse button drag enabled
  • 5 Bundled templates included
  • Custom interface management
  • PostrapidPage sorting/oedering/limit
  • Post-Page inclusion/exclusion
  • and many more features…


  1. Live Demo

Update History

Update 03 - 22-JAN-2015 - V2.0 
Added multiple illustration features
Thumbnail link option
Brand-new Template: template4
Fixed some WEB PAGE issues
Update 02 - 14-OCT-2014 - V1.two 
Updated template file and eliminated extra JS.
Revise 01 - 02-MAR-2014 - V1.1 
Fixed CSS issue


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